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Image ID: 324
Title:Cutting tesserae for Glencairn mosaic
Source:Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn Archives, Bryn Athyn, PA
Medium:35mm slide
Description: After “pancakes” of glass had been rolled out onto the marver and annealed, individual pieces of mosaic tesserae were fashioned with a chisel. “I made these big blocks out of oak wood, and the pan out of sheet metal. And in the center I put what’s called a ‘blacksmith hardy,’ that’s like a very hard chisel about an inch and a half wide. Then we had these hammers mailed, called a ‘scutch.’ The cutting edge of this is about an inch wide, and when these men learn how to cut this they could sit there all day, and cut this up into little blocks” (Gunther, Ariel. Transcript of Bryn Athyn glassmaking lecture. Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn Archives, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania).