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Image ID: 304
Title:Kiln used for firing paint onto glass in the Bryn Athyn glass factory
Source:Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn Archives, Bryn Athyn, PA
Photographer:Ed Gyllenhaal
Medium:Printed catalog
Description: This photograph of  “Keramic Pottery Kiln no. 103” comes from a catalog, Keramic Kilns for Pottery and China Firing and Development Work, (The Denver Fire Clay Company. Denver, Colorado, 1930, p. 30). The details on a stained glass window (such as faces) were painted directly onto the glass and then fired in a special kiln. Part of the formula for the glass paint was composed of crushed glass, which was ground into a very fine powder with a muller, and then mixed with turpentine. The painted glass was put into a kiln and fired at high temperatures until the paint bonded chemically with the glass: “The old factory building was still standing and from time to time I fired some glass for the windows for Mr. Hyatt in the old Denver kiln” (Gunther, Ariel C. Opportunity, Challenge and Privilege. Bryn Athyn, 1973, p. 124). The cast iron door to this kiln was discovered in Bryn Athyn in February 2006. Another kiln for firing painted glass was located in the glass studio located in Cairnwood’s garden house.